Phoebe A little about me: I am a very sweet and loving girl!  I love to play and I love to snuggle: the most perfect combination in a cat!  I am loyal and will run to greet you!  I am not fussy with food and will eat just about any type/flavor of cat food!  I [...]



Jaelyn A little about me: I am a sweet and tiny girl who has an endless amount of energy!  I love to run around and play with all of the toys and other kittens here at RKH!  I love it here!  But I would still love to find a home where I know I will [...]

Nollie Rae


Nollie Rae A little about me:I am a 2-year-old tan girl!  I am a bit shy at first, but when I get to know you,I am very friendly and playful.  My favorite toys are a “birdy” wand toy and a laser pointer.  Sometimes I make “motor” sounds when I play!  I really enjoy back rubs [...]

Mama Siobhan


Mama Siobhan A little about me:I was rescued from the outside world after having…..are you ready?........21 KITTENS over a two year period!  Angel Paws rescued me while I was pregnant with my last litter.  My kittens have been adopted so I am ready to have to fun!  I love being petted and told how beautiful [...]



Amber A little about me: I am a 1 ½ year old very friendly girl!  I love to play and roll around in the sun!  I will follow you around and rub against your legs and wait for you to pet me.  I love my pate food and laying down in my nice cozy [...]



Meet Scarlett A little about me: I am a sweet and loveable black and white “plus-sized” cat. I am proud of my “tear-shaped” beauty mark by my right nostril. Cindy Crawford look out! If you look closely, you might be able to see my Mohawk down my back. I love to eat any kind of [...]



Meet Poppy   A little about me : I am a 2 year-old playful and friendly calico cat! I love playing with furry mice and feather toys. I usually make “motor” sounds when I am feeling happy! I enjoy sitng in windows and viewing the outside world! Lots of petng, chin rubs, and [...]