Pippin A little about me: I am a friendly and playful gray and white kitty.  I love to play with laser pointers, plastic eggs, balls on a stretchy string and my best friend Bella!  Viewing the outside world is also fun!  An interesting thing about me is that I have a gray freckle on my [...]



Bella A little about me: I am a shy, petite, Lady Tuxedo.  Playing with plastic eggs, toys on a stretchy string and ball in a ring are my favorites!  I also like playing with my friend Pippin.  I love pets and belly rubs and I will roll over for them.  An interesting thing about me [...]



Meet Scarlett A little about me: I am a sweet and loveable black and white “plus-sized” cat. I am proud of my “tear-shaped” beauty mark by my right nostril. Cindy Crawford look out! If you look closely, you might be able to see my Mohawk down my back. I love to eat any kind of [...]



Meet Poppy   A little about me : I am a 2 year-old playful and friendly calico cat! I love playing with furry mice and feather toys. I usually make “motor” sounds when I am feeling happy! I enjoy sitng in windows and viewing the outside world! Lots of petng, chin rubs, and [...]



Meet Georgia A little about me:I am a 2 year old female who loves to roll around and play! I get along with all cats and love to run around with all of my friends at RKH. I love to sit in a window and watch the birds outside. You can often find me perched [...]



Meet Mittens A little about me: I am a cute but shy “Lady Tuxedo.” I love playing with catnip toys and motion toys. I get very excited when you pet me and sometimes cannot control myself so it is best to use a toy to interact with me. Treats are my all-time favorites and [...]