Flopsy& Mopsy


Flopsy& Mopsy A little about me:  We are super adorable bonded brothers!  We love to run around and play together, wrestle with each other, and then snuggle with each other when we get tired.  We are the perfect combination of playful and snuggly as we always love a human to cuddle with us!  [...]



Meet Thor   A little about me : I am a 7 month-old litle rascal …as per my foster mom who rescued me! I was found when I was 4 weeks old in a dumpster on a scorching hot summer day. I am so lucky I was rescued on that day by the [...]



Meet Ivan A little about me: I am a 6 month old male who loves to play and be around other cats. I love my feather toy on a stick! I can jump pretty high and have a ton of energy! I love to talk to you too! Ask me a question, and I'll definitely [...]



Meet Checkers A little about me: I am a 2 ½ year-old male who loves belly rubs! I will roll around by your feet until you rub my stomach. I love that! It feels so good! I love exploring around Rahway Kitty Hall too! There are so many little areas that I am discovering for [...]



Meet Chess A little about me: I am a 2 ½ year-old male who loves sit on your lap and stretch on your leg. I love all other cats and love rolling around in soft blankets. I love a nice soft, fluffy bed too! I am very playful and love all of these [...]



Meet Jason A little about me: I am a 2 year-old male and I am very playful. I love to rub into your hand so that you can pet me. I have fascination with skins an love to sit in them and put head under running water. I also love a fluffy, cozy [...]