Valentino A little about me: I am the sweetest boy you will ever meet!! I am a little shy but I love to be cuddled and receive lots of pets from humans.  I love my dry food and I am learning how to play…especially with the kittens—they are crazy!  You will often find [...]



Meet Dusty   A little about me: I am Kitty Hall’s sweet “Gentle Giant” who loves people! Although I might not sit on your lap, I will lie or sit next to your feet waiting to be petted or brushed. I enjoy playing with toys and having my chin and ears rubbed. I [...]



Meet Dupree A little about me: I am a 2 year-old male and I love to talk to you!  I love all other animals and am very curious about them.  I will follow you around while you are doing work and want to be involved in whatever you are doing.  I just love [...]

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