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Rahway Kitty Hall is conveniently located at 209 W Main St, Rahway, NJ right next to Union County Performing Arts Center.

Parking can be found on West Main Street and payment can be made at the pay stations. Free parking can be found on Irving Street, Hamilton Street, and Seminary Place.

If you’d like to take mass transit, we are a 5-10 minute walk from the Rahway Train Station.


Cats are carefully chosen to be housed at the Hall so that they have the greatest chance of a successful stay at the Hall. Their health is monitored on a daily basis and their diet is controlled.  Rules are in place for patrons to follow to help them interact with the cats (on the cat’s terms).  If a cat seems like he/she is not adapting well to colony living, the cat will be removed and placed in a foster home or placed back ANGEL PAWS rescue location headquarters.  Here they will be able to be monitored to possibly return to the HALL at a later date.

CAN STRAY CATS BE DROPPED OFF?2017-03-13T17:46:50-04:00

Rahway Kitty Hall does not accept stray cats or surrendered cats.  All of our cats are tested and vaccinated and this would be putting our cats at risk for a host of illnesses /diseases that another cat could be carrying.

CAN PERSONAL CATS BE BROUGHT IN?2017-03-13T17:47:13-04:00

This is not a location for you to bring your own cat, nor is it a day care for cats.  The cats that are found in Rahway Kitty Hall have been carefully chosen and integrated into a colony to ensure a pleasant experience for both cat and patron.

WHERE ARE CATS FROM2017-03-13T17:47:32-04:00

Cats that are up for adoption at Rahway Kitty Hall are from ANGEL PAWS in Colonia.  Angel Paws pulls from high kill shelters to help ensure that more animals find their forever homes instead of waiting in a shelter.

BACKGROUND ON CAT CAFES2017-03-13T17:47:46-04:00

Cat cafes began in Taiwan due to the fact that individuals living in apartments were not allowed to have pets.  Cat cafes offered a way for animal lovers to get their fix…specifically, their cat fix even though they could not own a pet.  The world’s first cat café, Cat Flower Garden, in Taiwan opened in 1998.   After that, the concept took off in Japan and the number of cat cafes in that area blossomed in the next 5 years.  There are approximately 80 cat cafes in Japan.  This concept worked its way over to the United States with the first US cat cafe, The Cat Town Café, opening  in October of 2014 in Oakland, CA.  After that, cat cafes opened in Naples, Florida; Denver, Colorado; NYC, NY; SanDiego, CA; Portland, OR; Franklin, MA; Washington, DC; San Jose, CA; Austin, TX; Seattle, WA; Dallas, TX; Madison, WI; Charleston, SC; West Chester, OH; Columbus, OH; St. Louis,, MI.  In addition to RAHWAY KITTY HALL, New Jersey is slated to have two more cat café’s open: Catsbury Park in Asbury Park and PURRsonal Space in Palmyra!

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