Kitties who have found a forever home.



Trevor A little about me:I am a 1 year - old curious kitten like boy!  I have been known to be an expert bug catcher as I have no fear of bugs so don’t worry I can protect you from them!  Sitting on laps and purring loudly make me so happy! I will keep myself [...]



Toby A little about me:I am a 2 ½ year old sweet, gentle boy.  I love chin scratches and ear rubs.  Sitting on high perches, looking out windows, and playing with catnip toys are some of my favorite things to do.  I really just love being with my human counterpart (when I find him/her) whether [...]



Meet Angel A little about me: I am an 8 month old playful little girl! I love to run around with my friend Sawyer and wrestle with him. My green tunnel is so much fun and I love to run through it when Sawyer is chasing me. The wand toys are my favorites and I [...]

Teddy Bear


Meet Teddy Bear A little about me: I am a 2 year-old male who is a big Teddy Bear. I am very gentle and love petting and toys! You will often find me sitting on the top shelf looking down on everyone. I love to be brushed and often enjoy sleeping in my Otto Box [...]



Meet Sylvia A little about me: I am a very friendly and relaxed girl. I love my nose petted and I love to sit with people and just be loved. I am very curious and love to explore around RKH. As soon as I arrived, I was ready to meet all of my new friends! [...]



Meet Buddy A little about me: I am a 1 year-old very friendly and playful boy! I am very verbal! I “talk” and I “hum” all the time! My favorite toys are furry mice, motion toys, and laser pointers. I have a ton of energy so it is very hard for me to sit still. [...]



Meet Hillary A little about me: I am a sweet little girl who loves to rub up against you and sit on your lap and roll around. I am polite and gentle but I love to play with all of the toys at RKH! I arrived here with my brother Franklin. We are [...]



Meet Bam A little about me: I am a very loving 14 year old male cat who loves people, relaxing, playing with laser pointers, being cuddled, and treats! I love to climb on the ramps at RKH and I am loving all the things there are to do here! The windows are fun [...]