A place where you can come and meet cats that are looking for their forever homes.  You can visit multiple times to get to know the personality of a particular cat in a setting much like your home.  This can help give you a good idea of whether or not a particular cat is a good fit for your household.

Even if you are not looking to adopt, you may wish to come in and relax with a cat on your lap while reading a book, surfing the web, sipping a cup of tea or coffee, and socializing with others.  Cat cafes can offer a way for you to de-stress after a long day or week…..and you might just meet a furry companion that you cannot live without!  So come on in and relax on a comfy couch and enjoy some downtime with some cute and cuddly cats!

Hours of Operation

Saturday: 11am-3:00pm
Sunday: 11am-3:00pm
Monday-Friday: Closed for now

rahway kitty hall