Cats are cats and we cannot control everything they do!  While following the rules may help to limit negative behaviors, we cannot be held liable for things that may result from interacting with a cat.

Rules to follow at Rahway Kitty Hall

  • Children under 5 years of age will not be admitted.  All children must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.  The ratio is 1 parent/guardian to 2 children.

  • Footwear will be removed upon entrance to the cat room and stored at the check in desk.  Booties will be provided.

  • Do not pull on a cat’s tail or any part of their body.

  • Do not pick up the cats.  If you are sitting in an area and a cats wanders on to your lap that is perfectly fine!

  • You may gently pet sleeping cats but please do not wake them up to engage in play.

  • If cats are eating, please wait until they are finished to interact with them.

  • Please walk around calmly and relaxed when approaching cats. Try not to make any quick sudden movements.

  • Keep your voice at a normal volume to increase cat interaction with you.

  • The wall furniture is for a cats only.  Do not climb on any part of these structures.

  • Toys for cats are available throughout the play area.  If you use a toy, please put it back on the toy table when you leave.

  • Cats are only allowed to consume the food we feed them.  There are treats in the gumball machine if you wish to give them a snack.  They are not allowed to consume human food or drink.

Before making a reservation, you should read the waiver and rules for Rahway Kitty Hall.  To save time, you may print-out and sign a copy of the waiver or we will have copies available at the cafe to sign when you come in.

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